Contract Dashboard

3508008-A1 IT Specialist Services $626,824.00Department of Human Services 2018-05-07 Talent International (ACT) Pty Ltd
3513515-A1 Telecommunication Services $260,521.87Department of Human Services 2018-05-21 Telstra
3521972 Business Model Workbench name licenses $208,725.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-23 Capsicum Business Architects
3497030-A1 Content designer $43,573.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-04-03 Hays Recruitment
3524192 Software maintenance $79,219.67Fair Work Commission 2018-07-01 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AGENCY
3524193 Software maintenance $72,526.06Fair Work Commission 2018-06-11 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AGENCY
3524195 Agency staff $55,000.00Fair Work Commission 2018-06-15 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUST) PTY LTD
3524196 VC $32,223.46Fair Work Commission 2018-06-21 ELECTROBOARD SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3524198 Network $11,328.60Fair Work Commission 2018-07-01 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AGENCY
3524199 Library $117,151.97Fair Work Commission 2018-07-01 CCH AUSTRALIA