Contract Dashboard

3471130 Video and photographic equipment $15,900.06Department of Defence 2017-11-16 GEORGES COMPUTERS AND HIFI
3471131 Learning Subscriptions $62,370.00Department of Defence 2017-11-15 RED HAT ASIA-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3469456 Professional Legal Fees $19,346.80Department of Defence 2017-10-17 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3469464 High Powered Amplifier Refurbishment Phase 2A $778,614.10Department of Defence 2017-11-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3469492 Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection Elements $11,314.82Department of Defence 2017-10-27 CRAIG INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS PTY
3469493 Soft Armour Inserts for SCE-16 $12,004.96Department of Defence 2017-10-27 CRAIG INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS PTY
3469504 Operations Room Layout Upgrade $38,438.20Department of Defence 2017-06-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
3469513 DL0003/2016 - Legal Services $83,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-16 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3470055 Ball Valve $11,477.40Department of Defence 2017-11-08 FRONTLINE AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3469538 Calibration Tools $83,969.60Department of Defence 2017-11-10 APPLIED MEASUREMENT AUSTRALIA