Contract Dashboard

3635078 Training $12,050.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-10-14 Tanner James Management Consultants
3633965 Software License $13,689.06Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-10-11 Aquion Pty Ltd
3635176 data $25,080.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-07-08 Map Data Services Pty Ltd
2696161-A3 Security Patrols $105,839.08Australian Communications and Media Authority 2014-11-01 Southern Cross Protection Pty Ltd
3634702 Congressn workshops $17,931.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-10-10 CPA Australia Ltd
3634145 Virtual Training Courses $51,480.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-10-01 Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd
3634823 PDMS Fee for Service FY19/20 $24,000.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-07-01 Department of Finance
3635230 Telecommunication $134,000.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-10-15 AAPT Limited
3634763 Data Services $191,601.05Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-10-03 NT Police Fire and Emergency Services
3634776 Data Services $1,475,065.62Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-10-03 Victoria Police