Contract Dashboard

3641184 Computer Accessories $27,935.60Department of Defence 2019-10-31 MWAVE
3641070 Computer Equipment $118,800.00Department of Defence 2019-11-12 NTT COM ICT SOLUTIONS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3640929 Tradeshow $36,500.00Department of Defence 2019-11-07 NATIONAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION
3640378 Repair of military vehicles or components. $23,763.43Department of Defence 2019-10-31 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3641083 Computer Equipment and Accessories $50,550.73Department of Defence 2019-11-11 ELECTROBOARD SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3641194 Education and Training Services $77,825.00Department of Defence 2019-11-15 ITC AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3640375 Pneumatic Tyres $25,463.90Department of Defence 2019-10-31 MICHELIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3641156 Formation and Aerobatic Display $75,900.00Department of Defence 2019-11-09 PAUL BENNET AIRSHOWS PTY LTD
3640383 Scrubbing Machine Floor Electric $63,945.20Department of Defence 2019-10-28 ENQUE PTY LTD
3640845 Calibrator $84,513.00Department of Defence 2019-11-01 TR CALIBRATION