Contract Dashboard

3581711 Deed of Standing Offer for Naval Aviation Fuel Supply and Services $5,102,222.40Department of Defence 2019-03-28 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM PTY LTD
3560269-A1 Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card Services $8,897,231.56Department of Defence 2019-01-01 AIR BP
3560233-A1 Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel $1,169,300.00Department of Defence 2018-12-17 JPG PARTNERS PTY LTD
3505681-A5 Technical Trades Training for Army $86,026,027.00Department of Defence 2018-05-07 WODONGA INSTITUTE OF TAFE
3565256-A1 Professional Services $4,195,070.99Department of Defence 2019-01-02 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3547073-A1 Distributed Computing Central Services (DCCS) $755,294.54Department of Defence 2018-07-01 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3566571-A1 Sourcing Services $2,399,399.00Department of Defence 2019-01-07 ISG INFORMATION SERVICES GROUP AMERICAS INC
3583566 Computer Equipment and Accessories $22,460.99Department of Defence 2019-03-27 DATA 3 GROUP
3583570 Computer Equipment and Accessories $1,162,511.16Department of Defence 2019-04-02 DXC CONNECT PTY LIMITED
3583573 Small Cell Mobile Broadband Tower $826,729.20Department of Defence 2019-04-04 COBS TELSTRA