Contract Dashboard

3526034 Trajectory Modelling and Information Services $590,000.00Australian Maritime Safety Authority 2015-08-14 RPS APASA Pty Ltd
3525632 Implementation of the Operational Drift Modelling Tool $439,613.50Australian Maritime Safety Authority 2017-04-07 DHI Water & Environment Pty Ltd
3525636 Transitional Telephony Support Services $457,773.01Australian Maritime Safety Authority 2015-12-21 Callscan Australia Pty Ltd
3525837 Consultancy services. Contract amount is an estimate. $14,000.00Australian Public Service Commission 2018-06-18 John McMillan
181501-A4 Communication site licence agreement - NSW $202,609.16Australian Federal Police 2009-01-01 Sydney Water Corporation
3526345 Building approval request $28,086.90Digital Transformation Agency 2018-07-06 Access Canberra Building Services
3526544 Aged of the Customer Leadership Board - Digital Business Council Seat License $49,734.38Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-30 Forrester Research
3526682 2018-19 Workers' Compensation Premium and Regulatory Contribution $140,796.20Digital Transformation Agency 2018-07-01 Comcare
3526684 Financial Advisor for Liveness Request for Tender $13,200.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-22 AGIS
3526739 Security Walls Sydney Office $40,368.63Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-02 SB Projects