Contract Dashboard

3540072 Archiving Services $25,952.69Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-09-07 Collected Ideas Pty Ltd
3540073 Informit Index Set 2 User 31.10.18-30.10.19 $15,361.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-08-30 RMIT Training Pty Ltd
3540074 Corporate Subscription 28.06.2018 - 25.06.2019 $120,000.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-08-19 NATIONWIDE NEWS
3540075 Procurement of online and print directories $19,000.01Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-07-30 AUSTN ASSOC PRESS P/L
3532876-A1 Contractors $58,905.00Department of Social Services 2018-08-20 Onpoint 365 Pty Ltd
3535244 ICT software licence and/or maintenance $41,250.00Department of Social Services 2018-08-14 Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd
3539120 Provision of scientific advice and field support $150,000.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-09-07 COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTR RESEARCH ORGANISATION
3539121 Secretariat Services 2018-19 $121,275.01Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-09-08 Australian Energy Market Operator Limited
3539122 PROVISION OF SERVICES FOR REGIONAL LAND PARTNERSHIPS $6,598,033.20Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-07-31 NQ NRM Alliance Ltd T/A Corporate Nature
3539123 Delivery of environmental water in 2018-19 $11,000.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-08-27 Office of Environment and Heritage