Contract Dashboard

3481814 Provision of training and development $102,370.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-18 Cellebrite Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
3481819 Provision of graphic design services $12,965.70Australian Federal Police 2018-01-23 Folk Pty Limited
3481821 Provision of management advisory services $32,450.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-22 Security Consulting Group Pty Ltd
3481823 Provision of system administrator services $139,997.00Australian Federal Police 2017-11-30 Point River Networks Pty Ltd
3481826 Provision of training services $61,500.00Australian Federal Police 2018-02-01 Australian Forensic Services Pty Lt
3481827 Provision of training services $359,610.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-17 Dog Force Group Pty Ltd
3481828 Supply of laboratory fixtures $88,220.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-30 Pathtech Pty Ltd
3482055 Canberra Lease $168,410.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-01-16 Civium (ACT) Sales Trust
3482189 NPF Vessel Charter - summer survey Feb 2018 $285,991.20Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2018-02-01 A Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd
3481614 Accommodation lease, Canberra ** Estimate based on heads of agreement ** $12,651,000.00Australian Public Service Commission 2017-07-01 Department of Finance