Contract Dashboard

3586664 Transformer Enclosure $17,946.15Department of Defence 2019-03-18 ENERGY & POWER SYSTEMS
3586666 Business Training for AS $11,700.00Department of Defence 2019-06-03 MELBOURNE BUSINESS
3586668 university tuition fees $14,280.00Department of Defence 2019-02-01 UNSW
3586669 University tuition fees $10,710.00Department of Defence 2019-02-01 UNSW
3586711 Technical Assistance $100,500.42Department of Defence 2015-06-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE
3586712 Diagnostic Tool Kit for Special Operations Vehicles $97,894.94Department of Defence 2019-04-16 BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.
3586713 Log Management Suite Software $49,500.00Department of Defence 2019-04-30 DIGITAL NETWORKS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3564757-A1 Consultancy $132,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-01-14 Ernst & Young
3586958 Services $482,570.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-04-15 OOBE Pty Ltd
3586960 Contractor $142,400.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-05-06 Hudson Global Resources Pty Ltd