Contract Dashboard

3510922 Procurement of Special Military Equipment $47,610.25Department of Defence 2018-06-04 NATO SEASPARROW SURFACE MISSILE!SYSTEM PROJECT
3510923 Light weapons and ammunition $98,670.00Department of Defence 2018-06-05 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3510924 Licenses for the IRIS Military Messaging Software $1,185,575.02Department of Defence 2018-05-25 SYSTEMATIC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
3510925 Provision of on-site specialist engineering services $165,000.00Department of Defence 2018-05-01 GENERAL DYNAMICS MEDIAWARE
3510926 Engineering Services $5,921,000.54Department of Defence 2018-04-19 PACIFIC AEROSPACE CONSULTING PTY LTD
3510928 Annual Software Maintenance and Subscription Renewal $18,825.84Department of Defence 2018-05-25 HEXAGON GEOSPATIAL
3510929 RADHAZ Switch Upgrade $10,404.90Department of Defence 2018-05-25 BLACKTREE TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3510930 Helicopter parts $12,015.78Department of Defence 2018-06-04 COLUMBIA HELICOPTERS, INC.
3510932 Prep of training materials/editorial services $15,000.00Department of Defence 2018-06-01 ABELARD CONSULTING PTY LTD
3510933 Procurement of a AFCIRS Mobile Device Forensics system $12,334.15Department of Defence 2018-05-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD