Contract Dashboard

3550176 Terrestrial Communications Services $59,207.38Department of Defence 2018-11-06 COBS TELSTRA
3550414 Business Analyst - Andrew Hanbidge $192,192.00Department of Communications and the Arts 2018-11-05 Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd
3550177 Purchase of Satellite Equipment $111,996.47Department of Defence 2018-10-15 RAYTHEON AUST PTY LTD
3550174 Non-combat Clothing Program and Services $15,725.03Department of Defence 2018-11-05 AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE APPAREL PTY LTD
3550417 Legal Advice $15,016.69Department of Communications and the Arts 2018-08-20 Maddocks
3555796 Installation of compressed air lines $22,440.00Department of Defence 2018-12-08 APS INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3555802 Tooling $18,492.10Department of Defence 2018-11-28 HENCHMAN PRODUCTS PTY LTD
3555800 support for ONYX Computer $116,277.91Department of Defence 2019-01-01 THALES AUSTRALIA MAJOR PROGRAMS, MINEHUNTER PROJECT
3555808 Management Advisory Service $1,858,643.82Department of Defence 2018-11-28 THALES AUSTRALIA
3555804 Transport kits $795,142.83Department of Defence 2018-11-28 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED (GOVERNMENTAL HELICOPTERS)