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3560482 Program participants fee - Opening doors program $174,600.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-11-30 JESUIT SOCIAL SERVICES
3389840-A1 MOU - Centre for leadership and learning services $1,442,121.02Australian Taxation Office 2016-07-01 AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION
3520060-A3 CEB/Gartner Memberships $365,492.35Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-01 THE CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD COMPANY
3552832-A1 ASI Software and Support. $737,678.70Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-01 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL (ASIA-PACIFIC) PTY LTD
3560532 Personnel Recruitment $114,516.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-01 AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION
3560534 Problem solving skills $15,081.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-12-18 CPDLIVE.COM PTY LTD
3560536 Conference $10,710.02Australian Taxation Office 2019-02-20 SMSF ASSOCIATION
3560537 Membership subscriptions $16,500.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-12-14 SUPPLY NATION
3560539 Legal Services $20,468.12Australian Taxation Office 2018-12-12 BENJAMIN C KASEP BARRISTER
3560544 Subscriptions RoyalStatR Database $35,891.02Australian Taxation Office 2018-12-09 ROYALTYSTAT LLC