Contract Dashboard

3561079 Pest Control Services $14,572.00National Capital Authority 2018-11-01 Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd
3561082 HVAC Mechanical Maintenance $10,865.00National Capital Authority 2018-11-01 Benmax Engineering & Maintenance Services Pty Ltd
3561086 Inspection and maintenance of plumbing services $97,810.05National Capital Authority 2018-11-01 Capital Maintenance Solutions
3561197 Bridge and Jetty Inspections $51,315.00National Capital Authority 2018-11-01 MDEH Services Pty Ltd T/a FORCECOR
3561210 develop an ICT Enterprise Architecture $79,200.00National Capital Authority 2018-10-22 Strategic Reform Pty Limited
3561610 Goats for Weed Management $16,230.00National Capital Authority 2018-11-05 Elisabeth Larsen
3521755-A1 Fall Protection Upgrade $49,500.00National Capital Authority 2018-05-15 John Skurr Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
3561622 Boundless Kiosk Design and Documentation $35,750.00National Capital Authority 2018-09-25 Philip Leeson Architects Pty Ltd
3558801 Labour hire - Ideas Grants $73,017.54National Health and Medical Research Council 2018-12-01 First People Recruitment Solutions
3561645 Property lease $13,811.60NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission 2018-12-20 The Trust Company (Australia) Limited