Contract Dashboard

3591135 Architectural Services $10,972.50Department of Human Services 2019-04-09 James Millar Architects
3591136 Training Services $10,500.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-01 University of Canberra
3591137 Annual Subscription $10,890.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-05 WHON Pty Ltd
3591138 ICT Telecommunications $45,000.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-08 Dept of Finance
3591139 Data Map $14,829.43Department of Human Services 2019-03-26 Engine Group
3538224-A4 Tree management services on National Land $70,000.00National Capital Authority 2018-09-10 Treeworks (ACT/NSW) Pty Ltd T/As TreeWorks
3590486 Provision of Legal Advice by HWLE $10,000.00National Capital Authority 2019-04-24 HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
3589602 VMware sucbriptions $31,605.98Productivity Commission 2019-03-01 Data#3 Ltd
3590500 Fitout new meeting rooms and receiption area $84,500.00Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2019-05-01 Sydney Office Fitout Company
3589437 Data Explorer Enhancements 2019 $11,000.00Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2019-01-01 Flink Labs