Contract Dashboard

151381-A2 Fixed & Maintenance Charges $23,387,830.33Department of Defence 2009-02-05 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
1473481-A3 Provision of application software $1,230,000.00Australian Federal Police 2013-05-25 Fraedom Pty Ltd
1983181-A58 John Gorton Building Facade refurbishment project $25,690,714.06Department of Finance 2013-12-13 HBS Group Pty Ltd
2473211-A31 Managing Contractor Services: Buildings and Infrastructure on National Land $33,153,022.30National Capital Authority 2014-07-01 Shaw Building Group Pty Ltd
2385641-A5 Aurion Annual Maintenance $164,535.63Australian Financial Security Authority 2014-06-27 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd
247066-A5 Inservice Support - F/A-18 $6,522,699.99Department of Defence 2009-11-24 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
2334062-A6 Refugee Health Care Services $25,610,062.94Department of Home Affairs 2014-05-20 INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL SERVICES PTY LTD
250520-A10 Ship Repairs and Spares $58,195,450.00Department of Defence 2009-12-11 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
253490-A8 Peculiar Technical and Aircrew Manual Support $6,586,429.20Department of Defence 2009-12-15 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
2523601-A6 Base Services - Project Delivery Services $16,788,377.42Department of Defence 2014-07-10 AURECON AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD