Contract Dashboard

3461166 Major Office Machines $55,814.76Department of Defence 2017-07-11 RICOH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461244 Repair of Aircraft Parts. $16,408.99Department of Defence 2017-02-20 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED
3461246 Repair of Aircraft Parts. $42,515.47Department of Defence 2017-05-15 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED
3461247 Advisory Support to the Future Submarines Program $84,794.27Department of Defence 2017-05-11 BAXTER, PETER COLIN ERNEST
3461248 Power Pack - Overhaul and Transport. $12,297.97Department of Defence 2017-10-16 PENSKE POWER SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3461249 Project support services for equipment study. $224,296.05Department of Defence 2017-04-28 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461253 Survey and quote services $45,100.00Department of Defence 2017-08-09 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3461256 Repair to Aircraft Parts $30,567.39Department of Defence 2017-06-27 COLUMBIA HELICOPTERS, INC.
3461257 Aeronautical engineering $13,316.16Department of Defence 2017-08-07 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3461258 Electrical Testing of Equipment $10,450.00Department of Defence 2017-07-03 S AND V MCCLEMENT ELECTRICAL