Contract Dashboard

3461427 International Relations $10,738.83Department of Defence 2017-10-03 NORMAN FRIEDMAN
3461428 CATERING $16,021.79Department of Defence 2017-09-25 VANILLA BLUE CATERING
3461429 Impact Wall linings $16,354.90Department of Defence 2017-09-27 MACKENZIES HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE
3461430 Provision of AV equipment and services for Austral $14,099.27Department of Defence 2017-09-13 HILTON CAIRNS HOTEL
3461432 CATERING $21,106.12Department of Defence 2017-09-24 ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES PTY LTD
3461433 GH $22,626.17Department of Defence 2017-09-26 UNITED AVIATION SERVICES (UAS)
3461436 Professional Services $10,095.00Department of Defence 2017-08-16 POSITIVE OUTCOMES AND SETTLEMENTS
3461438 AUDIO VISUAL $24,127.59Department of Defence 2017-09-27 PAGES SALES PTY LTD
3460989 Software Engineering Support $123,215.20Department of Defence 2017-07-13 THE TRUSTEE FOR THE SELLAR FAMILY
3460992 Electronic Aeronautical Information Project Team $438,240.00Department of Defence 2017-07-13 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD