Contract Dashboard

3587798 Education and Development $11,379.50Department of Defence 2019-04-22 PEOPLESCAPE (NSW) PTY LTD
3587799 Impact planning and monitoring $35,000.00Department of Defence 2019-04-01 CSIRO
3587801 Corporate Memberships. $10,895.01Department of Defence 2019-04-30 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
3587802 Education and Development $12,500.00Department of Defence 2019-04-15 BULL & BEAR SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS PTY LTD
3587807 Supply of safebase signs for Defence establishments $107,036.72Department of Defence 2019-04-24 YAMARI OCHRE SIGNS
3587816 Defibrillators $11,000.00Department of Defence 2019-03-25 ZOLL MEDICAL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3587819 Legal assistance at commonwealth expense $19,999.98Department of Defence 2019-01-01 MOSSOP, ALEXANDER JAMES COTGRAVE
3587822 Australia Singapore Military Training Initiative Business and Community Liaison $152,000.00Department of Defence 2019-03-27 PARARE CONSULTING PTY LTD
3587824 Electrcicty supply to sites in QLD $13,299.00Department of Defence 2019-03-01 TRADECOAST CENTRAL PTY LTD
3587828 Demolition and HV work $1,466,444.90Department of Defence 2019-04-24 BADGE CONSTRUCTIONS