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3444218-A1 Quality Conversations $49,500.00Department of Employment 2017-07-19 INDIGENOUS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
3452494 Property Lease Holdover, SYDNEY, NSW - 5 EDEN PARK DRIVE $90,109.00Department of Employment 2017-08-01 Savills (NSW) Property Management Pty Ltd
3452495 Property Lease Holdover, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, 414 La Trobe Street $158,762.00Department of Employment 2017-08-01 JUILLIARD CORPORATION PTY LTD
3452590 Variation of LINK Contract $155,000.00Department of Employment 2017-08-31 LINK LEARNING PTY LTD
3452592 User Experience Design & Service Design training and consultancy follow up $170,500.00Department of Employment 2017-08-29 ACADEMY XI PTY LTD
3453189 Conference centres $54,000.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-08-28 Mulpha Hotel Operations Pty Ltd
3453115 Ministerial Communications Network Hardware for Brisbane CPO Remediation $15,573.42Department of Finance 2017-08-31 Precision Metals Queanbeyan Pty Ltd
3453117 Street Lighting Polaris Road $10,555.00Department of Finance 2017-08-17 AUSNET Electricity Services Pty Ltd
3453118 Government Network Services Branch Disposal of items $14,810.18Department of Finance 2017-09-01 Secure Hard Drive Destruction Pty L
3453449 Training Delivery and Implementation Support Services $193,600.00Department of Finance 2017-09-05 Curijo Pty Ltd