Contract Dashboard

3618401 Annual Report and Corporate Plan production $32,624.00Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security 2019-07-29 Typeyard Design and Advertising Pty Ltd
3535506-A1 Wifi Licence Renewals $75,111.40Old Parliament House 2014-04-01 Laminar Communications
3618733 Annual performance statement drafting $14,437.50Parliamentary Budget Office 2019-08-01 Synergy Group Australia Pty
3618734 Assisting with ICT environment planning $30,937.50Parliamentary Budget Office 2019-08-05 Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd
3618542 Lead Six Sigma - workshop and delivery of a report $56,430.00Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency 2019-08-12 Synergen Group Pty Ltd
3617207 Insolvency Services $33,880.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-07-31 Grant Thornton (Melbourne)
3618765 Redevelop websites $336,834.08Attorney-General's Department 2019-08-05 Morpht Pty Ltd
3618770 Recruitment Services $360,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-08-19 DFP Recruitment Services
3618772 Recruitment Services $85,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-08-12 DFP Recruitment Services
3618768 Development programs $41,200.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-08-15 Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd