Contract Dashboard

3531522-A4 Rent and operating expenses Lv10, 63 Exhibition St Melbourne $537,078.69Department of the Treasury 2009-01-15 Salta Asset Management
3564301 Dept. of Human Services & Dept. of Defence Learning Hub Subscription $534,802.40Digital Transformation Agency 2018-12-23 SAP Australia Pty Ltd
3564322 Dept. of Defence Cloud Subscription Services $315,914.54Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-23 SAP Australia Pty Ltd
3564372 Purchase of Sled Base Chairs for meeting rooms $15,825.70Digital Transformation Agency 2018-12-10 Zenith Interiors P/L
3564561 Property Lease $46,958.15Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2012-08-18 CENTRAL LAND COUNCIL
3564567 Property Lease $196,590.92Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2014-02-13 JILKMINGGAN COMMUNITY ABORIGINAL CORPORATION
3564568 Event Management $26,289.95Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2018-12-11 Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd
3564318 Office furniture $14,960.00Department of the Senate 2018-12-20 INO Contract Furniture
3563904 SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT $14,902.02Department of the Treasury 2019-01-02 Cirrus Networks (Canberra)
3563906 SOFTWARE $17,070.24Department of the Treasury 2019-01-01 Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd