Contract Dashboard

3590915 Registry Screening Equipment $13,541.64Federal Court of Australia 2019-04-09 SX TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3590916 Model Evaluation Service $26,213.00Federal Court of Australia 2019-04-09 Sparx Services Australia
3590918 Senior Solution Architest $44,550.00Federal Court of Australia 2019-03-26 Open Text Pty Ltd
3590919 Monitor $69,241.10Federal Court of Australia 2019-02-05 KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3590920 Cabling Brisbane $34,430.00Federal Court of Australia 2019-04-03 INTRAVISION PTY LTD
3590921 Informit renewal $18,309.36Federal Court of Australia 2019-03-18 Informit
3592373 Satellite Phone and Broadband Services $32,025.00Department of Defence 2019-05-27 SATCOM GLOBAL LIMITED
3592374 Repair and maintenance of crane $55,000.00Department of Defence 2019-04-10 TRANSPORT AND WASTE SOLUTION PTY LT
3592375 Filters and detection Equipment $19,846.01Department of Defence 2019-05-17 OWEN INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3592377 Membrane Assembly $115,249.40Department of Defence 2019-05-16 TRUSTEE FOR DELENA FAMILY TRUST