Contract Dashboard

3568796 Software Maintenance $60,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-01-18 Neoteric Group
3449361-A4 Legal Services $80,256.50Department of Social Services 2017-07-19 Clayton Utz Lawyers
3439208-A5 Information Technology Services $2,671,304.37Department of Human Services 2017-07-01 SME Gateway Pty Ltd
3569126 Software maintenance $44,183.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-03-02 Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd
3420983-A3 Deployable Duty, Information and Communication Technology Facility. $44,655,648.05Department of Defence 2017-04-27 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3344620-A1 Research Project: Land resource evaluation for productive and resilient landscapes in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar $2,141,426.10Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2016-05-06 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
3343114-A4 Legal Services - INV3019 PRPO-1957 PRPOA-659 PRPOA-110 PRPOA-374 PRPOA-326 $201,558.03Australian Building and Construction Commission 2016-03-23 AUST GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3460293-A4 Professional Advice - architect services $1,323,441.79IP Australia 2017-09-12 DAVENPORT CAMPBELL & PARTNERS PTY LTD
3473498-A3 IBNC094-Australian Organ Tissue Donation Authority Provision of Internet Based Network Connections Previously DoF Contract CN1312381 $75,145.84Digital Transformation Agency 2017-08-29 Optus Networks
3448914-A2 Legal Services Procurement $172,244.99Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2017-07-24 LOUISE COLEMAN