Contract Dashboard

3630230 Repair of military vehicles or components. $13,671.26Department of Defence 2019-09-13 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3630238 Fleet Spares $74,221.18Department of Defence 2019-09-12 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3629934 Ground Handeling Services $50,527.88Department of Defence 2019-09-17 UNITED AVIATION SERVICES FZCO
3630208 Purchase of electrical parts $12,283.30Department of Defence 2019-09-10 BAXTERS PTY LTD
3629750 Maintenance repair and overhaul services $22,807.43Department of Defence 2005-07-31 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTERNATIONALTRADING INC
3630170 Generator Repair $43,120.00Department of Defence 2019-08-22 READS ELECTRIC COMPANY PTY LTD
3630498 Domestic leasing $1,860,509.52Department of Defence 2019-09-01 SAVILLS (ACT) PTY LIMITED
3630459 Software Services $44,659.14Department of Defence 2019-10-04 BENTLEY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LTD
3630610 Provision of accommodation, meals and miscellaneious services $25,604.20Department of Defence 2019-07-10 PLUM TREE STORE
3630540 Software Services $15,817.01Department of Defence 2019-07-05 DDLS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED