Contract Dashboard

3465238 Radio ancillaries $113,390.01Department of Defence 2017-10-17 HARRIS COMMUNICATIONS (AUSTRALIA)
3465239 Calibration and Repair of Military Equipment $15,805.99Department of Defence 2017-10-17 CELEMETRIX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465240 Weapon Spares $366,714.38Department of Defence 2017-10-17 NIOA TRADING
3465241 Australian Content of Weapon Spares $94,819.70Department of Defence 2017-10-17 NIOA TRADING
3465245 Aerospace systems and components and equipment $26,034.87Department of Defence 2017-10-17 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC
3465246 Strategic Information System Review $62,198.40Department of Defence 2017-10-17 DXC TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA PTY
3465247 Repair of aircraft equipment. $16,747.81Department of Defence 2017-10-18 ROJONE PTY LIMITED
3465248 Repair of Equipment $32,564.75Department of Defence 2017-10-18 GENERAL DYNAMICS MISSION SYSTEMS,!I
3465251 Remote Facility Audit & Site Safety Inspections $70,620.00Department of Defence 2017-10-18 CHOOSE SAFETY PTY LTD
3465252 Ship Maintenance $15,434.50Department of Defence 2017-10-18 ASP SHIP MANAGEMENT PTY LTD SIRIUS