Contract Dashboard

3494479 Aviation spare parts $12,326.93Department of Defence 2018-03-19 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3494480 Aerospace systems and components and equipment $41,221.31Department of Defence 2018-03-19 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC
3494481 Surveillance and Detection Equipment $287,747.08Department of Defence 2018-03-19 CHEMRING AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3494482 The repair of portable Electronic Counter Measures $37,840.00Department of Defence 2018-03-19 L3 MICREO PTY. LIMITED
3494484 Geo Positioning Satellite Simulator for training purposes $32,944.26Department of Defence 2018-03-19 DEFCON TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PTY LTD
3494485 Radome Refurbishment $94,077.88Department of Defence 2018-03-15 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3494487 Diving Equipment Support $10,828.24Department of Defence 2018-03-14 H I FRASER PTY LTD
3494489 Portable Communication System. $39,902.84Department of Defence 2018-03-01 EYLEX PTY LTD
3494490 Movement of Wing Docking $69,286.80Department of Defence 2018-03-29 VARLEY GROUP
3494491 Commissioning Services $272,260.90Department of Defence 2018-03-16 ATLANTIC & PENINSULA AUSTRALIA