Contract Dashboard

3505549 Targets for training $64,490.25Department of Defence 2018-04-27 CEILING DISTRIBUTORS PTY. LTD.
3505550 ADF Cyber Training $10,059.37Department of Defence 2018-02-19 DBA SANS INSTITUTE
3505552 Program Media Support $16,830.24Department of Defence 2018-04-24 THE DECISIVE POINT
3505553 Audio Visual Hardware $12,753.10Department of Defence 2017-11-08 FREDON (ACT) PTY LIMITED
3505555 Site Blasting and Coating $18,645.00Department of Defence 2018-04-30 GEELONG ABRASIVE BLASTING PTY LTD
3505557 supplies $57,997.72Department of Defence 2018-05-01 HOLOCENTRIC PTY LTD
3505561 CAT $10,462.51Department of Defence 2018-05-02 HAWKER PACIFIC PTY LTD
3505565 Ground Handling $16,400.84Department of Defence 2018-04-24 TAG FARNBOROUGH AIRPORT LTD
3505533 Hme Training $19,140.00Department of Defence 2018-04-27 RED TEAM TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY
3303875-A2 Utilities $76,362.52Department of Defence 2015-10-28 THALES AUSTRALIA