Contract Dashboard

3466330 Design and production of collateral for the 2017 Forum $23,551.00Austrade 2017-10-24 L&L Design and Production Pty Ltd
3466331 Annual Reporting Model Licence and Support Agreement $55,000.00Austrade 2016-04-01 KPMG
3466332 Participation at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2018. $14,388.49Austrade 2017-10-25 Rethink Events Ltd
3466333 Solarwinds Software Renewal $15,637.05Austrade 2017-10-13 Aquion Pty Ltd
3466334 Valuation Services for Office $13,200.00Austrade 2017-08-25 Dempsey Valuation and Advisroy
264629-A7 Protective Security: Japan Offices $105,603.22Austrade 2010-02-01 Secom Co., Ltd.
3465907 Residence Maintenance Services Contract Renewal $13,485.37Austrade 2017-07-26 Prime Square Technical Service L.L.C.
3465529 IT Equipment $29,451.25Australian Building and Construction Commission 2017-10-26 Electroboard Solutions
3326196-A5 LEGAL SERVICES $379,949.83Australian Building and Construction Commission 2016-03-09 MADDOCKS
3465586 Software Maintenance and Support $25,796.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-11-01 Data#3 Ltd