Contract Dashboard

750211-A3 Coding Software and Services over 3 years. 2011-000021-2 $657,619.02Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2012-02-24 QCAT Pty Ltd
3497498 Venue hire for 2018 ASEA conference $108,000.00Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency 2018-03-15 Sheraton on the Park Hotel
3497391 Fitout work - Densification of work area $29,230.30Attorney-General's Department 2018-04-06 Affinity Constructions
3497392 Sponsorship - conference $27,500.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-04-12 Aust Institute of Family Studies
3497394 Court fees $201,623.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-03-23 Torres Strait Regional Authority
3497395 Sponsorship - National conference $24,200.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-05-14 Australian Network on
3497396 Membership fee - Senior Executive $10,890.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-05-03 Whon Pty Ltd
3495057 Venue hire for seminar to raise awareness about imported goods containing asbestos $12,066.85Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency 2018-03-27 Pullman Hotels and Resorts
3419634-A1 Provision of security enhancements services - NSW $9,332,806.10Australian Federal Police 2017-05-02 Manteena Security (Aust) Pty Ltd
3414773-A1 Legal Services Procurement $94,592.50Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2017-03-08 SUSAN FORDER