Contract Dashboard

3481751 IGA Analysis Report $88,946.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2018-01-10 University of Sydney
3372168-A1 Additional Cleaning Sydney Office $75,780.55Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2016-08-01 IFS Cleaning and Horticulture
3481507 Staff Secondment $98,546.92Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-01-02 Australian Securities Investment
3481508 Professional Development MOU $39,245.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2016-08-22 Australian Public Service Commission
3481764 Information Tecnology Hardware $62,660.40Australian Digital Health Agency 2017-11-29 Vital Peripheral Supplies Pty Limit
3481765 Network Switches $145,657.45Australian Digital Health Agency 2017-12-01 Outcomex Pty Ltd
3481419 Audit Services $31,560.10Clean Energy Regulator 2018-01-22 Johnsons MME Chartered Accountants
3481377-A1 dd Under the direction of CSIRO IMT Managers, undertake a range of business analysis and/or project management activites in support of Identity and Access Management, and related projects. $410,000.00CSIRO 2016-07-01 Aurec Pty Ltd
3480397 DFAT pre-deployment training for PNG deployees $29,915.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-09-01 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
3470547 South Australian Birth data $19,250.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-12-01 Attorney Generals Department