Contract Dashboard

3477301 storage of not in catalogue items $25,822.50Department of Defence 2017-12-15 SUPER GLOBAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3477302 Hydralic Jaw faces Hydralic jaw faces $10,993.40Department of Defence 2017-12-01 INSTRON PTY LTD
3477304 Test analysis software $32,781.80Department of Defence 2017-12-18 ETMC TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3477305 Surveillance & Detection Equipment $202,757.86Department of Defence 2017-12-18 AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA
3477306 Aircraft arrestor system spares $191,978.01Department of Defence 2017-12-18 DEFENCE LIAISON SERVICES PTY LTD
3477307 Nvidia Grid Software Licences $367,886.20Department of Defence 2017-12-18 HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE
3477313 Requiements Engineer $356,378.00Department of Defence 2017-12-18 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3477326 Life cycle Costing Determination $16,500.00Department of Defence 2017-12-18 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS CONSULTING
3477333 Aircraft arrestor system $827,350.71Department of Defence 2017-12-19 DEFENCE LIAISON SERVICES PTY LTD
3477335 Computer Storage Devices $30,419.75Department of Defence 2017-12-19 CPL NOTTINGHILL PTY LTD