Contract Dashboard

3478672 3yr vehicle lease and vehicle lease manement $91,932.83Federal Court of Australia 2018-03-16 SG Fleet
3479267 Data processing services $197,279.50Geoscience Australia 2017-12-12 Velseis Processing Pty Ltd
3479269 Professional Electronic Contractor Services $26,493.00Geoscience Australia 2017-12-15 HKM Solutions Pty Ltd
3479058 Supply of Red Cell Diagnostic Products $18,846.30National Blood Authority 2017-11-30 Bio-rad Laboratories Pty Ltd
3479327 Mobile Device purchase and voice and data services DoF WoG Panel $82,296.00National Capital Authority 2017-11-02 Telstra Corporation Ltd
3478798 Functional Mapping Services $32,085.50National Capital Authority 2017-12-15 Iceni Group Pty Ltd
3475667 Labour hire - APS5 officer - Clinical Guidelines $125,000.00National Health and Medical Research Council 2018-01-08 First Grade Group Pty Ltd
3478720 Business Inprovement Consulting Service $82,500.00National Mental Health Commission 2017-08-28 Bevington Group
3478415 Furniture $46,110.70Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2017-09-01 SCHIAVELLO INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3478843 Training $29,089.97Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2018-02-01 New Intelligence