Contract Dashboard

3521072 SuperSTAR Software Licence $383,460.00Austrade 2018-07-30 WingArc Australia Pty Ltd
3521073 Venue Hire $12,500.00Austrade 2018-06-04 FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES MARRIOTT
3288448-A1 Service Agreement for Office Cleaning Services $54,219.74Austrade 2015-07-01 Private Company
3520728 Education and Training $26,368.25Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-26 CPP Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
3520980 Software Support and Maintenance $2,970,269.61Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-29 VMWare Australia Pty Ltd
3521285 Facilitation Services $10,450.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-05-08 Bendelta Pty Ltd
3520409 Software services $309,450.24Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-07-01 Red Hat Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
3520413 White Pages $17,229.30Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-07-01 Sensis
3520415 Consultancy Bayesian Record $31,535.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-29 University of Melbourne
3520417 Consultancy services $307,163.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-13 University of Melbourne