Contract Dashboard

3489461 Photographic Equipment Case $18,197.96Department of Defence 2018-02-23 PELICAN PRODUCTS PTY LTD
3489462 Wattmeter $12,050.50Department of Defence 2018-02-23 AERO AND MILITARY PRODUCTS P/L
3489463 Pump Centrifugal ; 50 Tons Per Hour at 150 psi $22,163.90Department of Defence 2018-02-23 FITT RESOURCES PTY LTD
3489464 Carrier Tools $25,201.00Department of Defence 2018-02-23 J. BLACKWOOD AND SON PTY LTD
3489465 Folding Stools Canvas $87,882.30Department of Defence 2018-02-22 AUSTRALIAN GENERAL ENGINEERING
3489466 Flame Arrester $11,264.00Department of Defence 2018-02-23 METAVAL CONSOLIDATED PTY LTD
3489467 Cables manufactured $26,833.40Department of Defence 2018-02-23 INTEGRATED DESIGN AND ENGINEER
3489468 Weatherhaven Tent Spares $52,998.94Department of Defence 2018-02-22 GLOBAL DEFENCE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3489469 Pad All Weather Note $31,790.00Department of Defence 2018-02-22 PROSPECTORS SUPPLIES PTY LTD
3488853 Business Support Management $165,392.15Department of Defence 2018-02-26 FREEBODY COGENT PTY LTD