Contract Dashboard

3471221 Delivery of the Bennelong by-election Official Guide $20,394.03Australian Electoral Commission 2017-11-15 Australian Postal Corporation
3466258 Provision of Fact of Death data $80,960.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-11-30 Dept of Justice & Attorney General
3400720-A1 Provision of training vouchers - estimated spend $328,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-01-23 The Escal Institute of Advanced Technology Inc T/a Sans Institute
3404641-A1 Provision of legal services $18,700.00Australian Federal Police 2017-01-31 Andrew Peter Yuile
3460599-A1 Optus Telephony Carriage $206,735.20Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-10-10 OPTUS SATELLITE
3471783 Secure Internet Services $15,194.22Australian Financial Security Authority 2015-05-16 Verizon Australia Pty Ltd - Conferencing
3471784 MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway $30,284.76Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-11-27 Data#3 Limited
3471785 PPSR Brochure inserts $10,210.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-11-01 Bauer Media Pty Limited
3471786 PPSR brochure insert $10,004.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-11-30 Bauer Media Pty Limited
3471162 Provision of Serial Subscriptions $33,812.10Australian Institute of Criminology 2018-01-01 EBSCO Australia