Contract Dashboard

3466340 Webhosting & Support Services for ABS $121,351.05Department of Finance 2017-09-28 Acquia Inc
1975591-A1 Litigation services - Comcover $133,300.00Department of Finance 2012-10-22 Australian Government Solicitor
3465081 Intra government network services splicing between CDC Hume & CDC Fyshwick $11,350.24Department of Finance 2017-10-24 PK Fibre & Communication Pty Ltd
3465845 Project management of Treasury Building reburbishment $1,666,500.00Department of Finance 2017-10-25 APP Corporation Pty Ltd
3465846 Contractor services $31,838.40Department of Finance 2017-11-13 Hays Personnel Services
3465847 TRAM works Preparation of Dark Splicing Prysmain products $162,261.73Department of Finance 2017-10-20 Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd
3465854 Leasing - Local Impact Assessments $30,000.00Department of Finance 2017-10-23 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
3426587-A2 Intra government network services Civil works for TRAM at TRansact Hse and Datacom $305,653.10Department of Finance 2017-05-23 Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd
3417611-A1 Contractor Services $109,074.00Department of Finance 2017-03-29 Hays Personnel Services
3445218-A1 Contractor services $52,668.00Department of Finance 2017-07-17 Hays Personnel Services