Contract Dashboard

3391593-A1 Provision for Labour Hire Service $597,314.12Australian Taxation Office 2016-11-21 KARLKA RECRUITING GROUP PTY LTD
3461584 Provision for Recruitment Services $16,224.20Australian Taxation Office 2017-10-16 FIRST GRADE GROUP PTY LTD
3461592 Legal Services $11,652.50Australian Taxation Office 2017-09-22 MICHELLE HIRSCHHORN
3461594 Legal Services $13,600.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-10-11 JAMES HMELNITSKY
3461595 Training - Difficult Customer Behaviours $11,200.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-10-13 LEADERSHIP DIRECTIONS PTY LTD
3461596 Provision of tax consulting services $17,325.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-08-18 DELOITTE TAX SERVICES PTY LTD ATF
3439423-A1 Deposit for consultancy services $27,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-07-05 Caplin & Drysdale
3381626-A1 The Provision of Transfer Pricing and Industry Expertise (USD$237,840) $312,051.16Australian Taxation Office 2016-09-30 Charles River Associates
3461878-A1 Case Study Delivery - Train the Trainer $13,200.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-05-08 MILES DEAYTON
3455013-A1 G_Case work in project and Pharmaceutical Cluster work $70,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-07-01 NERA SAS