Contract Dashboard

3393140-A1 Supported Employee Service $109,999.99IP Australia 2016-11-21 Koomarri
3442918-A1 Specialist Education and Training Services $64,027.92IP Australia 2017-07-01 Red Hat Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
3463479 ICT Licensing and Support $28,080.78IP Australia 2017-10-13 Atlassian Pty Ltd
3463540 Vehicle Leasing $51,480.01Bureau of Meteorology 2017-07-13 SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited
3463490 Purchase of ICT Software Licences $116,554.78IP Australia 2017-12-01 Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd
3463493 Membership/ Licencing Fee $25,237.85IP Australia 2018-01-01 iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd
3463494 Professional Recruitment Services $12,650.00IP Australia 2017-10-19 GradAustralia Pty Ltd
3463499 Purchase of Maintenance and Support Services $25,181.11IP Australia 2017-10-12 Atlassian Pty Ltd
3464209 Objective Connect Enterprise $31,350.00National Blood Authority 2017-08-24 Objective Corporation
3464210 Software annual maintenance $13,337.94National Blood Authority 2017-10-01 Artis Group Pty Limited