Contract Dashboard

3447983-A3 project management $88,250.00Office of National Assessments 2017-08-08 Mariner Enterprises
3488545 ICT components $38,844.50Office of National Assessments 2018-02-07 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3488546 ICT components $46,776.58Office of National Assessments 2018-03-02 Correct Communications Pty LTd
3489213 2018 APS Employee Census $20,000.00Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2018-02-06 Australian Public Service Commission
3489214 OCR, Convert, Proofread Acts as made 1979-96 $78,150.22Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2018-02-22 W & F Pascoe
3489215 Trim Annual Support $26,182.41Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2018-01-12 Entco Australia Pty Ltd
3489216 15 days consulting services from McAfee $44,283.20Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2018-02-27 Fujitsu Australia
3489168 eTrail Support $55,000.00Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2017-12-01 Law in Order
3489634 Graphic Designs $15,000.00Old Parliament House 2017-08-11 Hocking Creative
3489297 Recruitment Process $30,800.00Old Parliament House 2018-03-01 Hays Specialist Recruitment Pty Ltd