Contract Dashboard

3518713 Sit-Stand Desks $13,736.80Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-12-21 Office Partners International P/L
3518714 Ebook purchase from ProQuest LLC $19,896.98Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-05-31 PROQUEST
3360691-A2 Archival Services $70,800.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-07-08 Recall Total Information Management
3431479-A1 Fire Sprinkler Installation Assessment $441,714.60Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-06-05 Dysen Pty Ltd
3517312 ICT software licence and/or maintenance $47,862.36Department of Social Services 2018-06-01 SpinifexIT Global Pty Ltd
3495853-A1 Contractors $72,930.00Department of Social Services 2018-04-17 MJ and RJ Armour Pty Ltd trading as Procure Spot
3517724 Policy and program development services $35,405.70Department of Social Services 2018-07-01 NSW Ombudsman's Office
1031271-A13 Investigative services $391,005.80Department of Social Services 2012-05-29 Australian Criminal Intelligence
3514595 Contractors $70,356.00Department of Social Services 2018-07-01 McIvor and Associates Pty Ltd
3514963 Promotions $75,322.50Department of Social Services 2018-07-01 Dezigna Impression Pty Ltd