Contract Dashboard

3481384 Contract Labour Hire - Analyst $103,400.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-01-10 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3481386 Contract Labour Hire - Administration Officer $83,600.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-01-23 DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd
3422899-A4 Contract Labour Hire- Case Manager $168,210.41Bureau of Meteorology 2017-04-28 DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd
3431683-A1 Contract Labour Hire - Facilities Management Support $204,060.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-06-13 DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd
3481420 Audit Services $82,924.90Clean Energy Regulator 2018-01-22 Johnsons MME Chartered Accountants
3481426 Contract ISO $94,200.75Clean Energy Regulator 2017-11-15 First People Recruitment Solutions
3437223-A1 Project Manager Services $84,984.48Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 Graymorr Consulting
3437221-A1 BA support for PCB strategic projects $91,268.22Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 RXP SERVICES LTD
3474062-A1 Professional Services $118,580.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-12-13 Ionize Pty Ltd
3445027-A1 Clinical Specialist Services $852,019.20Comcare 2012-07-01 Dr James Chan