Contract Dashboard

3501092 Team Defence Australia - Sea Air Space 2018 $50,000.00Department of Defence 2018-04-24 VAN DEN BERG DESIGN TEAM PTY
3501098 DL0023E01/2015 - Legal Services $131,659.55Department of Defence 2018-04-09 CLAYTON UTZ
3501104 Contractor support - AGIS - System Engineer $88,080.30Department of Defence 2018-04-24 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD
3501109 SME TRAINING COURSE $16,500.00Department of Defence 2018-04-20 HATCH TIMBER GROUP PTY LTD
3501110 Project Management Support to JNT9711-1 $32,400.01Department of Defence 2018-04-20 PROJECT OUTCOMES PTY LTD
3501147 Terrestrial Communications $45,444.86Department of Defence 2018-04-19 COBS TELSTRA
3501150 DL0053/2018 - Legal Services $51,323.24Department of Defence 2018-04-19 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3501160 PO4501034939 Novation to HWL Ebsworth $43,131.55Department of Defence 2018-04-19 HWL EBSWORTH LAWYERS
3501161 DL0054/2018 - Legal Services $15,101.85Department of Defence 2018-03-19 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3501168 Australia Singapore Military Training Initiative Project Management Services $1,965,327.53Department of Defence 2018-02-09 AURECON AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD