Contract Dashboard

3501278 Membership payment $35,278.98Department of Defence 2018-04-18 MARIN
3501280 Manufacture of Wind-tunnel Model $11,000.00Department of Defence 2018-04-18 CSIRO
3501281 Instructional training $50,198.00Department of Defence 2018-04-18 0956196 BC LTD
3501282 Electro-optic components $13,075.96Department of Defence 2018-04-18 LASTEK PTY LTD
3501283 MIST sensor Generation 2 development $163,900.00Department of Defence 2018-04-18 IDEATION PRODUCT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3501286 Water Activity Meter $17,480.10Department of Defence 2018-04-18 DKSH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3501287 News Service $130,079.93Department of Defence 2018-04-01 AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS
3466043-A1 Modify the School Funding Estimator Tool to meet department's requirements $50,776.00Department of Education and Training 2017-10-13 DATALABS AGENCY
3500896 Computer Equipment $37,929.10Department of Defence 2018-04-05 ETHAN GROUP PTY LTD
3500908 Inventory Reform Program Project Manager $243,760.00Department of Defence 2018-04-17 KITBAG CONSULTING PTY LTD