Contract Dashboard

3516946 Building Lease to CSIRO - Bentley, WA $23,288,424.00CSIRO 2001-07-31 WA Government
3516948 Building Lease to CSIRO - Newcastle, NSW $60,029,944.00CSIRO 2003-07-01 Waratah Finance Pty Ltd (as trustee for Steel River Trust), NSW
3517188 Liveability Project $1,065,999.33CSIRO 2016-07-01 WeldonCo
3517626 Building Lease to CSIRO - Fortitude Valley, QLD $547,244.56CSIRO 2017-04-01 QLD Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation
3383383-A1 Provision of logistics support services at the Boolardy Station $2,933,865.00CSIRO 2016-09-30 Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd
3517681 The procurement of megasonic transducers, generators and cooling parts, as well as the frames that enable attachment to the transducers to the vessel. $580,171.64CSIRO 2018-02-16 SONOSYS Ultraschallsysteme GmbH
3517843 ProQuest Database subscription $864,119.00CSIRO 2018-01-01 ProQuest LLC
3477554-A1 Works for Boorowa Site $747,100.67CSIRO 2016-01-11 Delta Agribusiness Pty Limited
3461174-A1 Construction Manager - Building 73 Rejuvenation $6,166,448.00CSIRO 2017-09-05 Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd
3516907 Building Lease to CSIRO - Yarralumla, ACT $44,734,322.00CSIRO 2002-06-20 Gunyar Pty Ltd