Contract Dashboard

3478515 Debt Management Improvement Programme $666,989.40Department of Human Services 2017-04-10 Callida Consulting
3412629-A2 Intra government network services Supply Labour Design and Field Services $411,840.00Department of Finance 2017-03-21 Intravision Pty Ltd
3477972 Government Network Services services Hardware Switches and Routers $532,887.18Department of Finance 2017-11-29 DXC Connect Pty Ltd
3477974 Intra government network services Civil works at Boeing Hsw FSANZ $38,851.81Department of Finance 2017-12-06 Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd
3477975 Government Network Services services IT data network Equipment Maintenance Services $198,769.41Department of Finance 2018-01-02 Data#3
3477976 Intra government network services Civil works For Telstra at CDC $11,283.80Department of Finance 2017-11-21 Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd
3477977 Provision of WHS services $1,912,963.80Department of Finance 2018-01-02 Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd
3477795 Desktop research on proposed policy changes that influence medical practitioners $44,000.00Department of Health 2018-01-31 University of Melbourne
3477796 Organisational workforce culture project $22,000.00Department of Health 2017-11-16 1448 Pty Limited
3477797 Labour Hire $192,315.00Department of Health 2017-12-23 Pragmateam Pty Ltd