Contract Dashboard

3525977 Firearms attachments and Optics $31,006.66Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-12 TASCO SALES (AUST) PTY LTD
3525982 DEVCRAFT ULTIMATE SOFTWARE $13,270.06Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-18 TELERIK INC (USD)
3525984 INTEDO SOFTWARE SUPPORT $11,935.08Department of Home Affairs 2018-08-14 INTEDO S.R.O.
3525989 SAP MAXATTENTION SUPPORT SERVICES $274,890.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-05 SAP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3525993 Consultancy - HR - mapping against AHRI criteria $77,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-05-01 ttf TAILORED HR SOLUTIONS UNIT TRUS
3382961-A4 International Security Escort Training for PNG $2,981,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2016-09-16 C5 MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS TRADING AS
3480089-A1 PROOF OF CONCEPT SERVICES $609,229.52Department of Home Affairs 2017-11-30 ABM INTELLIGENCE LTD
3522192 DOMESTIC LEASING $866,722.61Department of Defence 2014-11-01 ARCHERFIELD AIRPORT CORP PTY
3526586 Purchase of Information Technology Software $10,000.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2018-06-15 MESSAGE MEDIA
3526587 Purchase of Information Technology Equipment/Software $25,504.82Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2018-06-29 JANUSNET PTY LIMITED