Contract Dashboard

3481478 Legal Services - IPA Ref LEX 698 $27,848.40IP Australia 2017-03-23 Mills Oakley Lawyers
3481480 Legal Services $68,310.00IP Australia 2018-01-08 Mills Oakley Lawyers
3481494 Legal Services $10,000.00IP Australia 2018-01-15 Australian Government Solicitor
3482121 Legal services for Administrative Appeals Tribunal matter $30,000.00National Archives of Australia 2017-08-03 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3482127 High resolution digitisation of photographic material $20,000.00National Archives of Australia 2018-01-04 Jean-Francois Lanzarone
3481519 Provision of strategic, brand, marketing and communication $78,210.00National Health Funding Body 2018-01-09 The Content Group
3481522 Provision of support in relation to external data requests $44,000.00National Health Funding Body 2018-01-09 PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd
3481524 Review of the National Health Fudning Body's Data Holdings. $44,000.00National Health Funding Body 2017-12-06 Deloitte Access Economics
3481734 Review and evaluation of the National Health Funding Body's NHFB Risk Management Framework $39,875.00National Health Funding Body 2017-12-21 RSM Australia Pty Ltd
3482158 ICT Consulting Services $36,203.20Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2018-01-30 Security Centric Pty Ltd