Contract Dashboard

3512147 AFUEE 2018 - Tokyo Venue and Equipment $22,980.00Austrade 2018-06-05 Sola City Conference Centre
3512148 Digital marketing $11,000.00Austrade 2018-06-01 Plan Alliance
3512149 Tuition Fees: Bangkok $14,146.58Austrade 2018-08-15 Bangkok Patana School
3512150 Medical Insurance: Hong Kong $27,937.00Austrade 2018-06-01 Bupa (Asia) Limited
3512151 Lease: Office Car Park WA $11,695.00Austrade 2018-05-28 St. Martins Centre Pty Ltd
3512152 Painting office: Guangzhou $12,075.32Austrade 2018-06-09 HTM Associates Limited
3512153 Research Information for National Visitor Survey $42,790.00Austrade 2018-06-06 Roy Morgan Research Ltd
3512155 Corporate subscription to business information database $17,500.00Austrade 2018-06-01 Proquest LLC
3510416 Workshop Training $52,304.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-04 Meld Studios Pty Ltd
3509202 Annual Membership $12,705.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-06-01 Australian Network on Disability Ltd