Contract Dashboard

3533214 Secure Communications Equipment $23,457.98Department of Defence 2018-08-13 GENERAL DYNAMICS MISSION SYSTEMS,!I
3533215 Wrist type GPS $15,239.94Department of Defence 2018-08-14 JOHNNY APPLESEED GPS
3533216 Radio ancillaries $51,324.06Department of Defence 2018-08-06 THALES AUSTRALIA
3533224 Materiel Safety Assessment $30,938.51Department of Defence 2018-08-14 XTEK LIMITED
3533228 Install Qty 1 48 core SMOF Fibre Woomera Test Range Range E $22,580.78Department of Defence 2018-08-06 COBS TELSTRA
3533229 Terrestrial Communication Services. $672,396.72Department of Defence 2018-02-01 COBS TELSTRA
3451451-A2 Distributed Computing Central Services $1,694,095.13Department of Defence 2017-08-15 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3407989-A3 Computer Software Engineering $65,049.60Department of Defence 2017-08-06 IDS AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
2190852-A3 Support of equipment $238,384.98Department of Defence 2014-04-14 MELLORI SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3533274 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $95,667.00Department of Defence 2018-07-31 AERO PARTS AUSTRALIA