Contract Dashboard

3468154 Unscheduled repairs of SME AC Trailers $83,405.33Department of Defence 2017-11-02 MONZ LTD
3468156 Small Laser Transmitters $3,867,529.39Department of Defence 2017-11-02 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTERNATIONAL TRAD
3468143 Specialist Financial Advice and Payment Modelling Services $110,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 FREEBODY COGENT PTY LTD
3468144 Support Request for Information $33,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3468145 Maintenance Training Systems Upgrade $30,033,860.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON
3468147 Hazchem Identification Task $134,300.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 SME GATEWAY PTY LTD
3468160 Vehicle spare parts $29,180.70Department of Defence 2017-11-02 MERCEDES-BENZ AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC
3468163 Spares for ladders for Army vehicles $29,284.63Department of Defence 2017-11-02 OSHKOSH DEFENSE, LLC
3468157 Aircraft spares $23,596.17Department of Defence 2017-11-02 ELTA SYSTEMS LTD
3468168 Development Samples of Garrison Jackets $17,600.00Department of Defence 2017-11-03 KATRINA PTY LTD