Contract Dashboard

3583196 2018 NCCD data for a sample of non-government schools will be reviewed to ensure data accuracy $2,109,398.50Department of Education and Training 2019-04-04 PriceWaterhouseCoopers
3436812-A1 SKILLS FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT Contr. 2017-20 $1,375,573.00Department of Education and Training 2017-07-01 PROGRESSIVE TRAINING WA PTY LTD
3544224-A1 TSP0084 - Office of National Assesments Provision of Telecommuncations Services $271,777.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-09-27 Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd
3581798 Security Penetration Testing $21,835.00Digital Transformation Agency 2019-01-07 TSS
3581817 Editorial Services - DTA Annual report 2019 $54,626.00Digital Transformation Agency 2019-03-26 Cinden Lester
3583973 Digital Marketplace Panel ( $12,100.00Department of Finance 2019-03-27 Cordelta Pty Ltd
3581843 ICT Procurment Contractor $158,276.40Digital Transformation Agency 2019-04-16 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Limited
3583974 FIBRE OPTIC INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS AND SERVICES PANEL $138,663.80Department of Finance 2019-03-13 MRB Communications Pty Ltd
3521974-A1 SDO149 SAP ABAP specialist $345,950.00Department of Finance 2018-06-26 Aurec Pty Ltd T/as Chalfont Consulting
3584898 Digital Marketplace Panel ( $101,640.00Department of Finance 2019-04-01 KPMG Australia